ISRIC – World Soil Information – is a new site dedicated to soil mapping, data sharing and education. It contains recent soil maps and soil related information. Very useful for looking at soils over a wide area.

Vision of Britain

A Vision of Britain through Time – is a portal for a wide range of UK data, maps and images. The majority of the site contains numerous links to maps (including the very useful First Land Utilisation Survey) but there’s also data on censuses and election results as well as travel writing. Given the difficulty of finding some of this material, especially maps which might not always come to one’s attention, this is an extremely useful place to start.

World Bank – Mapping

World Bank – Mapping for Results. The World Bank’s work is know well enough but even for seasoned watchers there are aspects that can escape the user. This site is one of the. It seeks to map locations and amounts of development assistance. A similar site – data – contains a wealth of global data. This site is always worth exploring; it contains some of the best global data currently available. is an interesting site dedicated to all things insect especially human-insect interactions


OneGeology is a website aiming to make all the world’s geological map data freely available. The final aim is to make a complete dynamic geological map of the Earth – watch how they progress.


IBSCO or International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean is an umbrella organisation aiming to map the Antarctic regions with a high degree of accuracy. Follow their work on this site and get data and maps.

Role-Playing Scenaros

Role-Playing Scenarios – another part of the massive Carleton University Geoscience Department’s offerings in geology learning, teaching and pedagogy. TheĀ  range of material in geoscience is impressive and even ideas such as these can be adapted to a range of teaching situations. This is a first-rate site worth exploring. To start looking at the whole site, go here.