The New Ecology

Rating: Oswald J Schmitz. 2017. The New Ecology: rethinking science for the Anthropocene. Princeton University Press. ISBN978 0 691 16056 6 There are numerous ecology texts on the market and most cover much the same material. In the last 30 years we’ve seen a move towards more specialised areas not in terms of ecological basics like populations, ecosystem  and communities but in the way that specific places are developing their “own” ecology. Scanning the publishers lists as I do to […]

Ecological Economics for the Anthropocene: an emerging paradigm

[rating 3.5] Peter G Brown and Peter Timmerman. (eds). 2015. Ecological Economics for the Anthropocene: an emerging paradigm. Columbia University Press. ISBN 978 0 231 17343 8 The idea that the prevailing economic system might not be viable in the long term is something that has been debated for some time. It would seem reasonable to go back to the first UNEP debate in Stockholm in 1972 when the idea of limits was first raised in any public and significant […]

Revolutions that made the Earth

Rating: Tim Lenton and Andrew Watson. 2013. Revolutions that made the Earth. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 967346 9. One of the problems with geology teaching is that the size of the events and the timescales involved are often too great for the tyro to comprehend. Sometimes the problem is that there are just too many pieces to put together and what you really need is something that tells the big picture (in much the same way that […]

Cartography of the Anthropocene

Cartography of the Anthropocene A stunning series of maps looking at the changes we have made to the world with a comparison to older times. Start a useful discussion!