The Death of Expertise

Rating: Tom Nichols. 2017. The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and why it matters. Oxford University Press ISBN 978 0 19 046941 2. Do you feel we have more information and less knowledge? Have you spent years honing skills and understanding in a particular topic only to be told that you know nothing? Join the band of “experts” who are increasingly told that their opinion is worth just the same as anyone else’s. Over matters of little […]

Necessary and sufficient?

“If educators are to lead teaching and learning then this is the must-read book” . With an endorsement like that, especially from such a source as John Hattie, how can the ordinary teacher go past such a call? Aren’t we in an educational crisis where we need all the help we can get? We need better teachers with more development and more emphasis on teaching students and improving their results. Teachers are told this from a range of sources including […]

Valuing Assessment in Science Education

Rating: Deborah Corrigan, Richard Gunstone and Alister Jones. 2013. Valuing assessment in Science Education: pedagogy, curriculum, policy. Springer. ISBN 978 94 007 6667 9 “change in education is easy to propose, hard to implement and extraordinarily difficult to sustain: (p101).   One of the more pressing issues in modern education is the development of some form of assessment. The whole term has become laden with alternative meanings of which, the initial and simplest, is to explore the student’s understanding of […]

Role-Playing Scenaros

Role-Playing Scenarios – another part of the massive Carleton University Geoscience Department’s offerings in geology learning, teaching and pedagogy. TheĀ  range of material in geoscience is impressive and even ideas such as these can be adapted to a range of teaching situations. This is a first-rate site worth exploring. To start looking at the whole site, go here.