Science, meet the people!

Now that I’m getting some order into this work I can start to re-read back issues of the BES Bulletin. It strikes me that there’s a lot of concern in ecology, as in other sciences, with public perception and understanding. Books on the topic are becoming increasingly frequent – here’s one I reviewed earlier! The June 2012 bulletin listed some critical areas that needed to be addressed: science to inform policy-making sustainable food production natural capital ecology and planning/health etc. […]

Birdlife International

Birdlife International is a partnership of global bird conservation NGOs. The site has a range of useful material. Perhaps the best product is the ‘State of the World’s Birds‘ Report.

BES Centenary

Just as I was organising the final parts of this new site, I get an email about our  centenary. What a milestone. Sadly, being one of the Antipodean set, I won’t be around to celebrate but I can fly the flag from here.  If you want to see more, try the festival site. One part of the site raises issues I will no doubt be coming back to. Head over to the scientists page. It shows the vast range of […]

Vegetation Ecology

Rating: Eddy van der Maarel and Janet Franklin. eds. 2013. Vegetation Ecology. 2e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4443 3889 8. Of course, the study of vegetation in ecology is one of the oldest parts of the discipline, as vegetation science is in many allied disciplines e.g. biogeography (although one of the first discrete texts was published only in 1974!). Nominally concerned with plant cover and the relationships with the environment, vegetation science has grown considerably as a discipline in recent […]

The Global Casino

Rating: Nick Middleton. 2013. The Global Casino: an introduction to environmental issues.5e.  Routledge. ISBN. 978 1 4441 4662 2 At a time when there are so many specialist texts on matters dealing with environmental issues (usually with only one topic in mind) it’s good to see one that tackles so many different ones and impressive to see it through 5 editions and 18 years. Having seen a few of these earlier incarnations, a new arrival always piques interest. The basic […]

Geomorphic Analysis of River Systems

Rating: Kirstie A Fryirs and Gary J Brierley. 2013. Geomorphic Analysis of River Systems. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4501 9274 3 Most books on rivers deal with just that. Not surprising really and we could say the same about any other aspect of the biotic or abiotic environment. However, there is a point here. By focussing on the river, you tend not to connect it to the landscape. This is not a problem for the professional geomorphologist because they know […]