And you say it’s what?

Over the years, one of the most crucial but difficult skills has been species identification. OK, difficult for me but I’m guessing , possibly, others! It might be because I came to ecology via earth sciences (rocks and fossils no issue, living material, more difficult!).  Looking through the BES bulletins, I found a common thread. How do we accurately identify species in the field and, probably as an adjunct, but I’d argue needs a higher profile, how do we support  […]

Sense about Science

Sense about Science – these days, it’s increasingly important to be able to develop critical thinking skills when faced with the barrage of information. There’s too much to do the old-fashioned review especially when people need a quick reaction. This site is a charity aimed at developing some critical thinking in the realm of science. Not only does it have a range of publications, it also highlights what can be done to promote useful skills.

Saving Species

Saving Species is a different type of non-profit group in that they don’t campaign per se but they do support a range of conservation projects largely by evaluating schemes and then linking them to donors. It’s a collective of conservationists operating a ratings system. The site has heasp of ideas and links to species conservation.


WILDCRU –  was founded in 1986 as one of the first university-based wildlife conservation units (in this case, the university being Oxford!). It continues to publish research in a wide range of conservation projects. I first found this unit  looking at a site for the Clouded Leopard. It’s a lesson is how to back-track sources to see what you can find; it also supports the idea of getting credible websites!


Living with Environmental Change –  the LWEC is “an ambitious and innovative partnership of UK government departments and agencies, devolved administrations, local government and research councils“.  The site might be modest but it houses a wealth of information that could be used easily by senior school students. There are numerous on-going projects that could provide excellent resources for a range of  ecological and environmental courses.   One of the key links would be to the UK’s Ecosystem Assessment programme.

Green Planet

NOAA – Earth Visualisation – A great video clip of the visualisation of Earth’s biomass, developed by NOAA.