7 Billion Actions

7 Billion Actions is a graphics-heavy website designed to coincide with the release of the UNFPA‘s “State of the World’s Population 2011“


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is the main US agency looking at climate change, ocean health etc. This site has heaps of data, explore to find data on everything from corals reefs to hurricanes.

Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature investigates issues of global warming data – recently confirms global warming as a genuine phenomenon. For those with the skis, the data set and methodology are published.

Encyclopedia of Life

Encyclopedia of Life A large and very impressive site aiming to document species on Earth. Excellent source of data.

Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth A really interesting educational site. Shows the dynamics of carbon dioxide, population change etc. Great for secondary students

Climate Wizard

Nature Conservancy’s Climate Wizard Although it’s a US site, it gives a great understanding of how global warming might differentially affect a large continent: http://www.climatewizard.org/

Discovering Physical Geography 2e

Rating: Alan F Arbogast. 2011. Discovering Physical Geography. 2e. Wiley. ISBN 978 0 470 52852 5. It’s a matter of concern that when environmental courses are reviewed (or geographical ones for that matter), the physical side often loses out. Why does this happen? Locally or globally, the trend is apparent. Perhaps more teachers train in the social sides of the subject; perhaps it’s due to the re-designing of university faculties where physical geography gets hived off into science. Whatever the […]

Understanding Environmental Pollution 3e

Rating: Marquita K Hill. 2010. Understanding Environmental Pollution. 3e. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 73669 5. The need for a text looking at pollution (other than global climate change) is pressing and yet there are few texts taking this more comprehensive route. It is clear such a text is still needed and indeed, judging by the size difference between the first edition (reviewed here many years ago) and the current one, there is even more to say! Of […]

World Atlas of Mangroves

Rating: Mark Spalding, Mami Kainuma and Lorna Collins. 2010. World Atlas of Mangroves. Earthscan. ISBN. 978 1 84407 657 4. Mangroves, originally considered something of a nuisance in terms of easy coastal access have undergone considerable evaluation in the last 40 years. The culmination must be, currently, the value of mangroves in post-tsumani Aceh; where mangroves flourished, the damage was far lighter. However, there is far more to this ecosystem than just a loss-reducer; their importance in the marine system […]