Earth Environments

Rating: David Huddart and Tim Stott. 2010. Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 471 48532 2. Right at the very beginning of this book, there’s a crucial point: “…never has there been a greater need for an understanding of modern Earth processes…”. That was written at a time of storms and flooding and one might argue that an understanding of historical processes is as important as modern ones but the point is well made. If we […]

Discovering Physical Geography 2e

Rating: Alan F Arbogast. 2011. Discovering Physical Geography. 2e. Wiley. ISBN 978 0 470 52852 5. It’s a matter of concern that when environmental courses are reviewed (or geographical ones for that matter), the physical side often loses out. Why does this happen? Locally or globally, the trend is apparent. Perhaps more teachers train in the social sides of the subject; perhaps it’s due to the re-designing of university faculties where physical geography gets hived off into science. Whatever the […]