Earth’s Climate Evolution

Rating: Colin P Summerhayes. 2015. Earth’s Climate Evolution. Wiley. ISBN 978 1 118 89739 3 There are so many books published on global warming that it’s hard to keep track of them. Most say variations on the same theme – the anthropogenic warming of the planet and the impacts that might befall us quite soon (or, instantly, in geological time!). This side of the debate quotes innumerable studies, scientists and data. There’s the other side of the debate that deny […]

Another day, another climate!

  By now, the idea of climate change should be fully entrenched. We’ve all seen graphs like this one (from NASA’s SEAWIFS programme) which, in this case, links CO2 with primary productivity. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this just isn’t happening. A set of events came together this week to suggest we might need to look more closely at the picture. It started with the UN climate conference. The basic argument, as presented on their main […]

Climate: A Very Short Introduction

Rating: Mark Maslin. 2013. Climate – A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 964113 0. This is one of a very large series of brief guides to specific topics covering most areas of learning. As such, they have considerable potential to engage students who might need a shorter overview of a topic than the conventional textbook.  Here, Maslin (who has also written a short introduction to global warming) outlines the key aspects of climate needed to […]

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

Rating: Andrew Goudie. 2013. The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, present and future.7e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 1185 7658 8 It has frequently been noted that to stay in print and updated for over 3 decades is somewhat of a feat; to remain a key text, considerably more so. And yet, Goudie has produced other, related, texts for the same publisher (Nature of the Environment, Changing Earth) and yet they haven’t caught the imagination in the same way. […]


PAGES – Past global changes – is a small community under the aegis of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme aimed at gathering, discussing and disseminating palaeo-climate data. Not all of the links are working but there’s still an impressive set of resources to consider.

Climate Commission

Climate Commission. Australia’s answer to the study of climate change. Tends to be controversial in Australia partly due to the composition of the commission. It’s worth looking at to see how other nations react to climate change.

Real Climate

Real Climate – A blog produced by those working in climate science as a reaction to some of the stories circulating about climate change. Aimed at media personnel to help find answers it often features in science round-ups on blogs worth seeing.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is the main US agency looking at climate change, ocean health etc. This site has heaps of data, explore to find data on everything from corals reefs to hurricanes.