State of the World’s Plants

State of the World’s Plants – A stunning website from Kew Gardens about global plant biodiversity, threats to this and the policies used to ameliorate these dangers. Annual report available. First symposium, May 2017.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Global Biodiversity Information Facility – This site aims to be a portal to a vast range of biodiversity information. Information can be uploaded, searched, used – open access.

National Biodiversity Network

National Biodiversity Network Gateway. An amazing collection of publicly-accessible data for UK flora and fauna.


EdCommunity – Geographic Information Systems are a major potential source of ecological and environmental spatial data. These days it is essential that students know how they work and what can be done with them (as well as being a major career option!). One of the world’s biggest companies – ESRI – has a range of resources to help students and teachers learn more about the systems. Use this site as a starting point.

Artic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice News is just one page from the US snow data site. Given the arguments surrounding the extent of ice in 2013, it’s useful to have a place where you can get some reliable data.

Vegetation Description and Data Analysis

Rating: Martin Kent. 2012. Vegetation Description and Data Analysis: A practical Approach. 2e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 471 49093 7 In writing reviews it is best to keep some professional distance; to report what the book tries to say and reflect on the quality and suitability in light of the academic field and competing texts. This is the first and probably only time I will break this rule, just at the outset. This is the second edition of a remarkable […]


PAGES – Past global changes – is a small community under the aegis of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme aimed at gathering, discussing and disseminating palaeo-climate data. Not all of the links are working but there’s still an impressive set of resources to consider.


ISRIC – World Soil Information – is a new site dedicated to soil mapping, data sharing and education. It contains recent soil maps and soil related information. Very useful for looking at soils over a wide area.

Vision of Britain

A Vision of Britain through Time – is a portal for a wide range of UK data, maps and images. The majority of the site contains numerous links to maps (including the very useful First Land Utilisation Survey) but there’s also data on censuses and election results as well as travel writing. Given the difficulty of finding some of this material, especially maps which might not always come to one’s attention, this is an extremely useful place to start.

World Bank – Mapping

World Bank – Mapping for Results. The World Bank’s work is know well enough but even for seasoned watchers there are aspects that can escape the user. This site is one of the. It seeks to map locations and amounts of development assistance. A similar site – data – contains a wealth of global data. This site is always worth exploring; it contains some of the best global data currently available.