The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project – a bold programme by the National Geographic Society to map genetic distributions and aid our understanding of human migrations.

The Global History of Human Migration

Rating: Peter Bellwood (ed). 2013. The Global Prehistory of Human Migration. Wiley. ISBN978 1 118 97059 1 We are used to the idea of migration, largely as a movement of people. If we go back in time, the the various ‘Out of Africa’ hypotheses help us to understand the spread of modern Hominins/Hominids. There is an assumption that there is movement but often of a  “silent” people. I would guess there is less focus on the language of such people […]

First Migrants

Rating: Bellwood, Peter. 2013. First Migrants. Wily Blackwell. ISBN 978 4051 8908 8. One of the first topics I ever covered was human development. Fascinating. OK, maybe not when I was seen demonstrating brachiation by the Principal, but a good set of lessons nonetheless! It aroused my interest in the point that I’d previously buried in my thinking – human migration at the scale I was considering was an evolutionary process as well. The go-to text of the day was […]

The Atlas of Human Migration

Rating: Russell King, Richard Black, Michael Collyer, Anthony Fielding, Ronald Skeldon. 2010. The Atlas of Human Migration. Earthscan. ISBN 978 1 84971 150 0 This is one of the impressive set of atlases that Earthscan have published. Previous topics have included water, food and endangered species which are of particular interest to us. The aim here is to demonstrate, through a series of maps, the major migration patterns and the reasons behind them. The text is divided into four parts. […]