Soil Science Simplified. 6e.

Rating: Neil S Eash, Thomas J Sauer, Deb O’Dell and Evah Odoi. 2016. Soil Science Simplified. 6e. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 118 54069 5 One of the more difficult ideas with students is getting them to appreciate the value of soil. Synonyms don’t help – “dirt” being the least useful! It’s just stuff to grow things in, wipe off the shoes and generally get an indifferent, if not actually bad, press. It makes a difference to see it as […]

Global Issues: an introduction. 5e.

Rating: Kristen A Hite and John L Seitz. 2016. Global Issues: an introduction. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 9781 11896885 7. In an increasingly busy marketplace, it says something that a book makes it into its fifth edition in a 20-year timespan. Clearly, the popularity of the issues has not declined, judging by my reference point, the third edition I reviewed a few years ago! By this edition, climate change has made an entry and the environment section is divided into two […]

Why Ecology Matters

Rating: Charles J Krebs. 2016. Why Ecology Matters. Chicago University Press. ISBN – 978 0 226 31815 8 I’ll start with an admission – I’ve followed Krebs work for many years and find him one of the most persuasive writers in ecology! Not that I’m biased of course, it’s just I have expectations of this slender text! The title should be obvious. Of course it matters (providing you want a healthy planet to live on).  I start, suspecting a carefully […]

Saving the Earth as a Career

Rating: Malcolm L Hunter Jr; David B Lindenmayer; Aram JK Calhoun. 2016. Saving the Earth as a Career. 2e. Wiley. ISBN 978 1 119 18479 9 I guess there was just too much optimism when we felt that the 1970s might be a real turning point in conservation and that, after the Stockholm Conference, people might actually see what we were talking about! Clearly, this did not work and so we still need to train people to go out and […]