Earth Governance System

Earth Governance System – from their website: “The Earth System Governance Project is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change. Our international research programme takes up the challenge of exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems to cope with the current transitions in the biogeochemical systems of our planet. The normative context of our research is sustainable development: We see earth system governance not only as a question of governance […]

Good Cities, Better Lives

Rating: Peter Hall. 2013. Good Cities, Better Lives. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 84022 4 Sir Peter Hall has been writing about urban areas for over 50 years and is rightly regarded as one of the finest academics in this area. Any new book by him is going to create a wave of interest as have many of the earlier works. They seem (like London 2000 and The Containment of Urban England) to be milestones in the discussion about urban […]

Multiple Stable States in Natural Ecosystems

Rating: Peter Petraitis. 2013. Multiple Stable States in Natural Ecosystems. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 956934 2 One of the more pressing issues we face when considering wicked problems like global climate change is the likely fate of ecosystems. Common amongst the general comments are the ideas of  “tipping points”  – a set of conditions “beyond” which there will be a change of ecosystem state that cannot be reversed. This might seem “reasonable” but it depends on your […]

An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography

Rating: William G Moseley, Eric Perramond, Holly M Hapke and Paul Laris. 2014. An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN  978 1 4051 8931 6. Part of the problem with both environmental science and geography is that the problems they investigate can seem increasingly complex. This might encourage some to study to greater depth. At the other end of the spectrum, issues, especially in mainstream media, are often presented as simple, almost shallow in their treatment. The aim is […]

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and  Countryside Link is an umbrella organisation for 42 conservation groups. Founded over 30 years ago it seeks to put forward a more united voice for wildlife conservation. It’s recent report is 2013 Nature Check which describes, using a simple traffic light system, the advances, or not, in conservation over the year. Of most interest is its inclusion into the BES Blog for the month

Successful Adaptation to Climate Change

Rating: Suzanne C Moser and Maxwell T Boykoff. (eds). 2103. Successful Adaptation to Climate Change. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 52500 8 It is fascinating to see how perspectives on climate change have altered over the course of decades. We have gone from the novel idea; it has gained widespread acceptance. We went from acceptance to a wider debate over the science and how it can be interpreted which looks, from the outside at least, two mutually opposed views struggling […]

Revolutions that made the Earth

Rating: Tim Lenton and Andrew Watson. 2013. Revolutions that made the Earth. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 967346 9. One of the problems with geology teaching is that the size of the events and the timescales involved are often too great for the tyro to comprehend. Sometimes the problem is that there are just too many pieces to put together and what you really need is something that tells the big picture (in much the same way that […]