The Theory of Ecological Communities

Rating: Mark Velland. 2017. The Theory of Ecological Communities. Princeton University Press. ISBN 978 0 691 16484 7 Usually, this site reviews texts that cover a range of topics and provide introductions to a broad range of ecological thinking. This text covers just a single area, and a theoretical one at that. As such, it’s a highly advanced text but the underlying theme, that of creating a simple framework for discussion, has implications that can be used elsewhere. The aim […]

Multiple Stable States in Natural Ecosystems

Rating: Peter Petraitis. 2013. Multiple Stable States in Natural Ecosystems. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 956934 2 One of the more pressing issues we face when considering wicked problems like global climate change is the likely fate of ecosystems. Common amongst the general comments are the ideas of  “tipping points”  – a set of conditions “beyond” which there will be a change of ecosystem state that cannot be reversed. This might seem “reasonable” but it depends on your […]

The Theory of Ecology

Rating: Samuel M Scheiner and Michael R Willig. 2012. The Theory of Ecology. Chicago University Press. ISBN 978 0 226 73686 0. It concerns me both as an educator and ecologist that students beginning their studies pay so much attention to getting information and so little idea to where it fits in. The debate between information and knowledge is alive and well on the net (try searching using that phrase!). What is worrying is that the internet opens up data […]