Necessary and sufficient?

“If educators are to lead teaching and learning then this is the must-read book” . With an endorsement like that, especially from such a source as John Hattie, how can the ordinary teacher go past such a call? Aren’t we in an educational crisis where we need all the help we can get? We need better teachers with more development and more emphasis on teaching students and improving their results. Teachers are told this from a range of sources including […]

Sustainable Futures

Rating: Jennie Goldie and Katharine Betts (eds). 2014. Sustainable Futures: Linking population, resources and the environment. CSIRO. ISBN 978 1 486 30189 8 When I first saw the sub-title I was transported back to my beginnings. Surely population, resources, environment was the name of the text and wasn’t it by the Ehrlich’s ? Yes on both counts and the issues they identified there are still with us but in slightly different ways. The authors are also still active, providing not […]

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and  Countryside Link is an umbrella organisation for 42 conservation groups. Founded over 30 years ago it seeks to put forward a more united voice for wildlife conservation. It’s recent report is 2013 Nature Check which describes, using a simple traffic light system, the advances, or not, in conservation over the year. Of most interest is its inclusion into the BES Blog for the month

Successful Adaptation to Climate Change

Rating: Suzanne C Moser and Maxwell T Boykoff. (eds). 2103. Successful Adaptation to Climate Change. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 52500 8 It is fascinating to see how perspectives on climate change have altered over the course of decades. We have gone from the novel idea; it has gained widespread acceptance. We went from acceptance to a wider debate over the science and how it can be interpreted which looks, from the outside at least, two mutually opposed views struggling […]

Environmental Policy in the EU. 3e.

Rating: Andrew Jordan and Camilla Adelle. eds. 2013. Environmental Policy in the EU. Earthscan. ISBN 978 1 84971 469 3 It’s always interesting to see changes between editions. Reading concurrently the first and third edition of this text shows how far changes have been made and not just to the content. The first edition was a much needed look through the burgeoning field of EU environmental policy. This is still the case for the third edition but the text has […]

Science and Public Reason

Rating: Sheila Jasanoff. 2012. Science and Public Reason. Earthscan. ISBN 978 0 415 52486 5. It is doubtful if there has ever been a time when the discourse between the public, government and science has been more strained and yet more needed. One only has to look at the recent arguments over climate change and carbon taxes to see how complex issues are being played out in the public arena. Part of the response to this has been the increase […]

Earth Policy Institute

Earth Policy Institute was founded in 2001 by leading US environmental campaigner Lester Brown. It covers a wide range of current issues in the environment e.g. energy, food etc. Worth looking at for the arguments it puts forward but most of the work appears to be Brown alone.

European Forest Institute

European Forest Institute is a pan-European governmental initiative aimed at disseminating ideas and research about forests and forestry policy. Of particular interest is their newly introduced site looking at forestry Criteria and Indicators.