Global Food Security and Supply

Rating: Wayne Martindale. 2015. Global Security and Food Supply. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 118 69932 4 Malthus might have written about a time long past but his Essay on the Principle of Population published in 1798, still has a power to engage. The idea that, unchecked or unaided, population will always outstrip food supply is one of the fundamental tenets of population ecology but, some some reason, it never seems to apply to us. Malthus, in an age of […]

The Global Casino

Rating: Nick Middleton. 2013. The Global Casino: an introduction to environmental issues.5e.  Routledge. ISBN. 978 1 4441 4662 2 At a time when there are so many specialist texts on matters dealing with environmental issues (usually with only one topic in mind) it’s good to see one that tackles so many different ones and impressive to see it through 5 editions and 18 years. Having seen a few of these earlier incarnations, a new arrival always piques interest. The basic […]

Earth Policy Institute

Earth Policy Institute was founded in 2001 by leading US environmental campaigner Lester Brown. It covers a wide range of current issues in the environment e.g. energy, food etc. Worth looking at for the arguments it puts forward but most of the work appears to be Brown alone.