Trophic Ecology

[rating 3.0] Torrance C Hanley and Kimberly J. La Pierre.eds. 2015. Trophic Ecology: Bottom-up and top-down interactions across aquatic and terrestrial systems. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0978 1 107 43432 5. The original idea was that ecosystems were connected by their interactions. We noted that the availability of biomass at the bottom of the pyramid affected the other trophic layers. There was the idea that top predators could impact the herbivores. A simple model that has been around for years, […]

Essentials of Ecology. 4e.

Rating: Michael Begon, Robert W Howarth and Colin R Townsend. 2014. Essential of Ecology. 4e. Wiley. ISBN978 0 470 90913 3. 30 years ago, a text was produced which has become to be seen as the standard in ecological education. I doubt that its authors would have been aware of what they started although some of the key ones remain and new collaborators join in. As part of the pantheon of ecological texts stretching back into the early C20th, this […]

Renewable Energy Resources. 3e.

Rating: John Twidell and Tony Weir. 2015. Renewable Energy Resources. 3e. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 58438 8 It is undeniable that renewable energy resources are slowly making inroads into our energy supplies. Housing with solar panels added is now commonplace and the sight of wind generators across large parts of Europe and the North Sea is testimony to the spread of such ideas. Despite this there is still a long way to go, not just in looking at the […]

Urban Geography – A critical introduction

[rating 5.0] Andrew EG Jones, Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas. 2015. Urban Geography: A critical introduction. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 8979 8. It might fairly be argued as to the place of an urban geography book in a site looking largely, but not exclusively, at books focussed on ecological and environmental science. Maybe there was a time when there was a real divide between ecology and urban geography but, given that most of us are now urban dwellers, […]