Applied Ecology

Rating: Anne E Goodenough and Adam G Hart. 2017. Applied Ecology. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 872328 8 One of the big issues in education, especially in these days, is to find a pedagogical “hook” with which to draw in learner interest. This is a useful (some would argue, necessary) but not sufficient condition. You also need subject matter focussed in such a way as to draw the reader in. Ecology is an obvious topic because the concept […]


Rating: Nicky Allsopp, Jonathon Colville and G Anthony Verboom (eds). 2014. Fynbos: ecology, evolution and conservation of a megadiverse region. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 967958 4 I first heard of the Fynbos from neighbours who had lived and travelled in South Africa years previously. It sounded dramatic but it wasn’t until later that I was aware of its biodiversity and uniqueness. From that point of view, I was pleased to see a text devoted to the topic […]

Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Rating: Gören I Ågren and Folke O Andersson. 2012. Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 1 107 64825 8. Perhaps the first thought on seeing this text is why ‘terrestrial’ and not just ecology. That lasts all of a few seconds when dipping into the preface and seeing that the focus is on whole systems i.e. ecosystems and that this is the easiest way to demonstrate the principles. The authors continue their rationale by noting that it is […]

Ecosystem Ecology

Rating: David G Raffaelli and Christopher LJ Frid.eds. 2010. Ecosystem Ecology: A New Synthesis. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 73503 2. This slim text, part of the British Ecological Society’s Ecological Reviews, aims to bring a more system-wide view of ecology to bear on questions of sustainable management and conservation. As such it’s another avenue to explore alongside the burgeoning notions of conservation science which tend to be focussed more on the individual. Since this is a text […]