Rating: Nicky Allsopp, Jonathon Colville and G Anthony Verboom (eds). 2014. Fynbos: ecology, evolution and conservation of a megadiverse region. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 967958 4 I first heard of the Fynbos from neighbours who had lived and travelled in South Africa years previously. It sounded dramatic but it wasn’t until later that I was aware of its biodiversity and uniqueness. From that point of view, I was pleased to see a text devoted to the topic […]

Biodiversity in Agriculture

┬áRating: Gepts P, Famula TR, Bettinger RL, Brush SB, Damania AB, McGuire PE and Qualset CO. (eds). 2012. Biodiversity in Agriculture. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 17087 1.   Many years ago when interest in environmental science started one of our key texts was Ucko and Dimbleby’s “Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals”. This was a set of conference proceedings whose basic tenet was to examine how we came to have our modern set of plants and […]