Atlas for the End of the World

Atlas for the End of the World – nowhere near as dystopian as it sounds, this is asite that maps current and, potentially future, distribution of selected species and conservation areas. Part of a project to visualise issues in ecosystem protection.

Trophic Ecology

[rating 3.0] Torrance C Hanley and Kimberly J. La Pierre.eds. 2015. Trophic Ecology: Bottom-up and top-down interactions across aquatic and terrestrial systems. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0978 1 107 43432 5. The original idea was that ecosystems were connected by their interactions. We noted that the availability of biomass at the bottom of the pyramid affected the other trophic layers. There was the idea that top predators could impact the herbivores. A simple model that has been around for years, […]

Essentials of Ecology. 4e.

Rating: Michael Begon, Robert W Howarth and Colin R Townsend. 2014. Essential of Ecology. 4e. Wiley. ISBN978 0 470 90913 3. 30 years ago, a text was produced which has become to be seen as the standard in ecological education. I doubt that its authors would have been aware of what they started although some of the key ones remain and new collaborators join in. As part of the pantheon of ecological texts stretching back into the early C20th, this […]

Earth Governance System

Earth Governance System – from their website: “The Earth System Governance Project is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change. Our international research programme takes up the challenge of exploring political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems to cope with the current transitions in the biogeochemical systems of our planet. The normative context of our research is sustainable development: We see earth system governance not only as a question of governance […]

Urban Ecology

Rating: Niemela J, Breuste JH, Elmqvist T, Gunterspergen G, James P and NE Macintyre. (eds). 2012. Urban Ecology: patterns, processes and applications. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 964395 0. It’s always interesting to see how perspectives change in any field and ecology is no exception. Twenty years ago, the words ‘urban’ and ‘nature’ would only be seen together if they were in opposition. No-one would suggest the towns and cities could create environments or modify habitats. It’s not […]


Long Term Ecological Research Network comprises a set of key ecological sites in the US where research has been going on for decades. This makes it one of the most important pieces of longer-term research. Started in 1980 this work has become increasingly important as funding turns to smaller-scale projects. This site gives a wide range of information on the projects and the data gathered. Some of these places e.g. Hubbard Brook, have been contributing to core ecological ideas for […]

World Atlas of Mangroves

Rating: Mark Spalding, Mami Kainuma and Lorna Collins. 2010. World Atlas of Mangroves. Earthscan. ISBN. 978 1 84407 657 4. Mangroves, originally considered something of a nuisance in terms of easy coastal access have undergone considerable evaluation in the last 40 years. The culmination must be, currently, the value of mangroves in post-tsumani Aceh; where mangroves flourished, the damage was far lighter. However, there is far more to this ecosystem than just a loss-reducer; their importance in the marine system […]