Saving Species

Saving Species is a different type of non-profit group in that they don’t campaign per se but they do support a range of conservation projects largely by evaluating schemes and then linking them to donors. It’s a collective of conservationists operating a ratings system. The site has heasp of ideas and links to species conservation.


WILDCRU –  was founded in 1986 as one of the first university-based wildlife conservation units (in this case, the university being Oxford!). It continues to publish research in a wide range of conservation projects. I first found this unit  looking at a site for the Clouded Leopard. It’s a lesson is how to back-track sources to see what you can find; it also supports the idea of getting credible websites!


Living with Environmental Change –  the LWEC is “an ambitious and innovative partnership of UK government departments and agencies, devolved administrations, local government and research councils“.  The site might be modest but it houses a wealth of information that could be used easily by senior school students. There are numerous on-going projects that could provide excellent resources for a range of  ecological and environmental courses.   One of the key links would be to the UK’s Ecosystem Assessment programme.

A Nature Conservation Review

Rating: Derek Ratcliffe (ed). 2011. A Nature Conservation Review: Vol 2. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 20348 7. It might fairly be asked as to why a review site looking at the most recent publications in ecology should be focussing a text made famous over 30 years ago! This volume (and the companion, Volume 1) formed one of the best reviews of conservation and its criteria ever published in the UK. In 1977 (when they first appeared in […]