Sustainable Futures

Rating: Jennie Goldie and Katharine Betts (eds). 2014. Sustainable Futures: Linking population, resources and the environment. CSIRO. ISBN 978 1 486 30189 8 When I first saw the sub-title I was transported back to my beginnings. Surely population, resources, environment was the name of the text and wasn’t it by the Ehrlich’s ? Yes on both counts and the issues they identified there are still with us but in slightly different ways. The authors are also still active, providing not […]

Spatial Analysis

Rating: Mark RT Dale and Marie-Josée Fortin. 2014. Spatial Analysis: A Guide for Ecologists. 2e. Cambridge University Press.. ISBN 0 521 14350 9. The advent of relatively low-cost but powerful computational technologies has revolutionised many fields, not least ecology. It has allowed for ideas to be tested might might once only have been thought about. Whilst this is a great advantage, there are also problems, not least that the techniques used need to be clearly understood! The most obvious example […]