Another day, another climate!

  By now, the idea of climate change should be fully entrenched. We’ve all seen graphs like this one (from NASA’s SEAWIFS programme) which, in this case, links CO2 with primary productivity. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this just isn’t happening. A set of events came together this week to suggest we might need to look more closely at the picture. It started with the UN climate conference. The basic argument, as presented on their main […]

How are we doing Ecology?

A couple of things have conspired to turn me away from a review and towards the reflection of a blog post! The first was the receipt of a potential review text titled “How to do Ecology” (Karban and Huntzinger, 2006); the rest comes from our BES Bulletin and following a few leads from the website.  For some reason, the text date didn’t become clear until I started because I normally only look at the most recent publications; the upside was […]

Sense about Science

Sense about Science – these days, it’s increasingly important to be able to develop critical thinking skills when faced with the barrage of information. There’s too much to do the old-fashioned review especially when people need a quick reaction. This site is a charity aimed at developing some critical thinking in the realm of science. Not only does it have a range of publications, it also highlights what can be done to promote useful skills.

Science, meet the people!

Now that I’m getting some order into this work I can start to re-read back issues of the BES Bulletin. It strikes me that there’s a lot of concern in ecology, as in other sciences, with public perception and understanding. Books on the topic are becoming increasingly frequent – here’s one I reviewed earlier! The June 2012 bulletin listed some critical areas that needed to be addressed: science to inform policy-making sustainable food production natural capital ecology and planning/health etc. […]