Climate Feedback

Climate feedback – is a website dedicated to addressing the issues created by reporting climate change issues. From their website: Climate Feedback organizes scientists from around the world to comment on the accuracy of a variety of climate change media articles using the emerging technology of web annotation. Scientists’ comments, or ‘annotations’ are layered directly onto the original texts allowing readers to easily identify where and why the coverage is consistent (or inconsistent) with state-of-the-art thinking and knowledge in climate […]

Another day, another climate!

  By now, the idea of climate change should be fully entrenched. We’ve all seen graphs like this one (from NASA’s SEAWIFS programme) which, in this case, links CO2 with primary productivity. However, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this just isn’t happening. A set of events came together this week to suggest we might need to look more closely at the picture. It started with the UN climate conference. The basic argument, as presented on their main […]

Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History

Rating: Kristen St John, R Mark Leckie, Kate Pound, Megan Jones and Lawrence Krissek. 2012. Reconstructing Earth’s Climate History. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 1182 3294 1 Over the years there have been hundreds (probably thousands!) of books published on just about every topic in the climate change canon. Rarely, there’s a book that looks at something from a completely new angle. One of the issues that has surrounded climate change from the beginning is that it often assumes that the […]