Garden Wildlife Health

Garden Wildlife Health – given the rise in studies of urban ecology and the re-thinking about the value of green spaces(of every sort) in urban raeas, it’s no surprise that we see a site looking at wildlife management in gardens and disease control. The former seeks to promote habitat diversity; the latter looks at the influence of the spread of¬† disease¬† in our gardens.

Atlas for the End of the World

Atlas for the End of the World – nowhere near as dystopian as it sounds, this is asite that maps current and, potentially future, distribution of selected species and conservation areas. Part of a project to visualise issues in ecosystem protection.


Ecoregions – A very useful, interactive site which provides great visuals for the basic ecological divisions of the planet – ecoregions, biomes, realms etc. Useful features like map transparency and a chance to map protected areas make it an extremely useful tool.