Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Global Biodiversity Information Facility – This site aims to be a portal to a vast range of biodiversity information. Information can be uploaded, searched, used – open access.

State of the World’s Forests 2012

State of the World’s Forests 2012. Despite the rise of quality online databases there is still much to be gained from the focussed look at one topic. The FAO produces a number of these each year along with a great statistics database. Well worth looking through this site for the information you can find on global-level topics.

Worldwatch Institute

Worldwatch Institute was founded in 1974. Since that time it’s made its name dealing with global issues and focussing on sustainable development. The main part of its work has been the publication of State of the World series, a biennial roundup of key global issues. The latest is the 2012 volume which focusses on the idea of sustainable prosperity.


Mongabay is a vast site focussing mainly on conservation. Started in 1999 by Rhett Butler it was slowly expanded to cover a wide range of issues, projects and news on conservation. Very useful resource for senior school students.

Global Environment Facility

Global Environment Facility – a group of 182 nations plus institutions etc. combining to tackle global issues on pollution, biodiversity etc. In May 2012 it released this useful guide to biodiversity conservation