Global Forest Map

Global Forest Map – just a single webpage but an excellent map showing, in some detail according to the scale chosen, forest loss and gain since 2000. This was part of a project published in Science.

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

Rating: Andrew Goudie. 2013. The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, present and future.7e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 1185 7658 8 It has frequently been noted that to stay in print and updated for over 3 decades is somewhat of a feat; to remain a key text, considerably more so. And yet, Goudie has produced other, related, texts for the same publisher (Nature of the Environment, Changing Earth) and yet they haven’t caught the imagination in the same way. […]

State of the World’s Forests 2012

State of the World’s Forests 2012. Despite the rise of quality online databases there is still much to be gained from the focussed look at one topic. The FAO produces a number of these each year along with a great statistics database. Well worth looking through this site for the information you can find on global-level topics.

European Forest Institute

European Forest Institute is a pan-European governmental initiative aimed at disseminating ideas and research about forests and forestry policy. Of particular interest is their newly introduced site looking at forestry Criteria and Indicators.