Understanding Sustainable Development

Rating: John Blewitt 2015. Understanding Sustainable Development. 2e. Earthscan. ISBN 978 0 415 70782 4 It’s always instructive to find oneself reviewing a second edition with the first edition (also reviewed) sitting next to it! There’s a temptation to check out the contents page, size, figures etc. to see the immediate differences. It’s fair to say I’ve given in to this but there’s more than just changes to discuss (especially as no-one will recall the first review!). So, we need […]

Sustainable Futures

Rating: Jennie Goldie and Katharine Betts (eds). 2014. Sustainable Futures: Linking population, resources and the environment. CSIRO. ISBN 978 1 486 30189 8 When I first saw the sub-title I was transported back to my beginnings. Surely population, resources, environment was the name of the text and wasn’t it by the Ehrlich’s ? Yes on both counts and the issues they identified there are still with us but in slightly different ways. The authors are also still active, providing not […]


IES, The EU “Institute for Environment and Sustainability” is one of the major parts of the EU system.  It’s part of a wider system called the Joint Research Centre whose objective is to provide quality research to the EU. There are extensive, if specialised, resources available.

Environment Online

Environment Online – from their website: “Environment Online – ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Environmental themes are studied throughout the school year and campaigns arranged simultaneously around the world”

The Global Casino

Rating: Nick Middleton. 2013. The Global Casino: an introduction to environmental issues.5e.  Routledge. ISBN. 978 1 4441 4662 2 At a time when there are so many specialist texts on matters dealing with environmental issues (usually with only one topic in mind) it’s good to see one that tackles so many different ones and impressive to see it through 5 editions and 18 years. Having seen a few of these earlier incarnations, a new arrival always piques interest. The basic […]

Engaging Places

Engaging Places is a site that aims to integrate learning with the outdoors and specifically the built environment. It’s focussed on a cross-disciplinary perspective but should offer a starting point for both science and geography (as well as environmental issues).

Conservation International

Conservation International – started in 1987 this has become one of the key global conservation organisations. It differentiates itself from many other groups by focussing not on reserves but on sustainability and biodiversity. Numerous ideas, projects etc.

Biodiversity in Agriculture

 Rating: Gepts P, Famula TR, Bettinger RL, Brush SB, Damania AB, McGuire PE and Qualset CO. (eds). 2012. Biodiversity in Agriculture. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 17087 1.   Many years ago when interest in environmental science started one of our key texts was Ucko and Dimbleby’s “Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals”. This was a set of conference proceedings whose basic tenet was to examine how we came to have our modern set of plants and […]

European Forest Institute

European Forest Institute is a pan-European governmental initiative aimed at disseminating ideas and research about forests and forestry policy. Of particular interest is their newly introduced site looking at forestry Criteria and Indicators.

Ocean Health Index

Ocean Health Index. This is a new site focussing on ways of reporting about ocean pollution. The aim is to create a simple yet effective way of highlighting key issues in ocean pollution and this highly visual site is the start of the process.