Our World in Data

Our World in Data – far from it being difficult to find data, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer mass of material available. This site seeks to make understanding slightly simpler by creating a series of visualizations.

The Genographic Project

The Genographic Project – a bold programme by the National Geographic Society to map genetic distributions and aid our understanding of human migrations.


The Plantlist – a collaboration between two botanical gardens to create a comprehensive index of vascular plants and bryophytes.

Climate Feedback

Climate feedback – is a website dedicated to addressing the issues created by reporting climate change issues. From their website: Climate Feedback organizes scientists from around the world to comment on the accuracy of a variety of climate change media articles using the emerging technology of web annotation. Scientists’ comments, or ‘annotations’ are layered directly onto the original texts allowing readers to easily identify where and why the coverage is consistent (or inconsistent) with state-of-the-art thinking and knowledge in climate […]