Atlas for the End of the World

Atlas for the End of the World – nowhere near as dystopian as it sounds, this is asite that maps current and, potentially future, distribution of selected species and conservation areas. Part of a project to visualise issues in ecosystem protection.


Ecoregions – A very useful, interactive site which provides great visuals for the basic ecological divisions of the planet – ecoregions, biomes, realms etc. Useful features like map transparency and a chance to map protected areas make it an extremely useful tool.

Our World in Data

Our World in Data – far from it being difficult to find data, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer mass of material available. This site seeks to make understanding slightly simpler by creating a series of visualizations.


Scalgo Interactive is an interesting site showing the power of interactive mapping. It puts a layer on maps showing impact of sea level change on waterways.

Geographic Thought

Rating: Tim Cresswell. 2013. Geographic Thought – A Critical Introduction. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 6939 4. I think it’s fair to argue two points in particular in relation to texts on the philosophy of geography: firstly, that such insights are essential in developing a critical perspective on the subject; and, secondly, that such thought usually intensifies rather than reduces the divisions in the subject. In terms of the former, such study should be seen as an integral part of […]

Discovering Geology

Discovering Geology – one of the great offerings from the British Geological Survey. Their Make-a-Map is superb for class use. Check out the British Geology Viewer. A bit clunky as it goes from small scale to large scale without intermediates but another excellent resource.


ISRIC – World Soil Information – is a new site dedicated to soil mapping, data sharing and education. It contains recent soil maps and soil related information. Very useful for looking at soils over a wide area.

Vision of Britain

A Vision of Britain through Time – is a portal for a wide range of UK data, maps and images. The majority of the site contains numerous links to maps (including the very useful First Land Utilisation Survey) but there’s also data on censuses and election results as well as travel writing. Given the difficulty of finding some of this material, especially maps which might not always come to one’s attention, this is an extremely useful place to start.

World Bank – Mapping

World Bank – Mapping for Results. The World Bank’s work is know well enough but even for seasoned watchers there are aspects that can escape the user. This site is one of the. It seeks to map locations and amounts of development assistance. A similar site – data – contains a wealth of global data. This site is always worth exploring; it contains some of the best global data currently available.

Cartography of the Anthropocene

Cartography of the Anthropocene A stunning series of maps looking at the changes we have made to the world with a comparison to older times. Start a useful discussion!