Scalgo Interactive is an interesting site showing the power of interactive mapping. It puts a layer on maps showing impact of sea level change on waterways.

The Rise of the Science Citizen

“Citizen science is creating excitement throughout the ecological world” Serendipity strikes again! Just as I was completing some work for students on systems models so an email arrives inviting me to participate in a programme of “lagoon” (read freshwater areas, this is Australia!) studies. The proponents (a local university research team) want to investigate how people interact with nature. That was easy to complete, so we are going along in a few weeks time. Returning home I get the latest […]


I think it would be safe to say there’s been something of a shark frenzy over here in Australia in the past few weeks. Headlines like this surface every now and again and are always worth a few column cm (or whatever the digital equivalent is). The trouble is, they lead on to a set of predictable responses, from both sides of the conservation fence, and I’m not sure that this actually helps understanding or safety. Let’s look at the […]