Ocean Health Index

Ocean Health Index – This is a project run by a large group of very well-known US scientists attempting to put a simple data set together to show how the oceans are faring.

Making Sense of Nature

Rating: Noel Castree. 2014. Making Sense of Nature. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 54550 1 Many years ago I started a wildlife conservation course by asking students to construct a media campaign for a certain animal. My list was designed to be controversial because I didn’t care about the product, I cared about the process and thinking that went behind it. So, we had the panda (already been done, think of something new), rabbit (pest, hard to see beyond cartoons) […]

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

Rating: Andrew Goudie. 2013. The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, present and future.7e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 1185 7658 8 It has frequently been noted that to stay in print and updated for over 3 decades is somewhat of a feat; to remain a key text, considerably more so. And yet, Goudie has produced other, related, texts for the same publisher (Nature of the Environment, Changing Earth) and yet they haven’t caught the imagination in the same way. […]

What would Einstein do?

  It really started with this article from the Guardian. Although it’s worth the read, the basic story is that a fake journal article was sent to hundreds of Open Access journals – the sort of place where you can publish without the strictures (often financial) of journals like Nature. The punch line is that far too many journals accepted what should have been seen as false. This set me thinking. What are the dimensions of this issue and how […]