ONS – Environment

ONS – Environment – The Office of National Statistics has a vast range of data available if you can find it, online. One useful resource is their Compendium – 4 sections of basic UK data. This link is the environment one.

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and  Countryside Link is an umbrella organisation for 42 conservation groups. Founded over 30 years ago it seeks to put forward a more united voice for wildlife conservation. It’s recent report is 2013 Nature Check which describes, using a simple traffic light system, the advances, or not, in conservation over the year. Of most interest is its inclusion into the BES Blog for the month

Discovering Geology

Discovering Geology – one of the great offerings from the British Geological Survey. Their Make-a-Map is superb for class use. Check out the British Geology Viewer. A bit clunky as it goes from small scale to large scale without intermediates but another excellent resource.


Living with Environmental Change –  the LWEC is “an ambitious and innovative partnership of UK government departments and agencies, devolved administrations, local government and research councils“.  The site might be modest but it houses a wealth of information that could be used easily by senior school students. There are numerous on-going projects that could provide excellent resources for a range of  ecological and environmental courses.   One of the key links would be to the UK’s Ecosystem Assessment programme.

Vision of Britain

A Vision of Britain through Time – is a portal for a wide range of UK data, maps and images. The majority of the site contains numerous links to maps (including the very useful First Land Utilisation Survey) but there’s also data on censuses and election results as well as travel writing. Given the difficulty of finding some of this material, especially maps which might not always come to one’s attention, this is an extremely useful place to start.