Wildlife and Countryside Link

Wildlife and  Countryside Link is an umbrella organisation for 42 conservation groups. Founded over 30 years ago it seeks to put forward a more united voice for wildlife conservation. It’s recent report is 2013 Nature Check which describes, using a simple traffic light system, the advances, or not, in conservation over the year. Of most interest is its inclusion into the BES Blog for the month

State of the Wild 2010-2011

Rating: Wildlife Conservation Society. 2010. State of the Wild 2010-2011. Island Press. ISBN 978 1 59726 678 9. As one of the older conservation organisations (it was founded in 1895) the Wildlife Conservation Society has spread from its origins in the Bronx zoo to be one of the leading international organisations. This is one of its biennial reviews covering not only global issues at a time of global financial insecurity but also the impact of war. This makes such a […]