ONS – Environment

ONS – Environment – The Office of National Statistics has a vast range of data available if you can find it, online. One useful resource is their Compendium – 4 sections of basic UK data. This link is the environment one.

The Planning Imagination

Rating: Mark Tewdyr-Jones, Nicholas A Phelps and Robert Freestone. (eds). 2014. The Planning Imagination: Peter Hall and the study of urban and regional planning. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 50608 3 Perhaps it’s best to start with an admission, much in the way the editors have! Peter Hall was one of my Doctoral supervisors. He tested every limit of my thinking and ability to research and there’s not a day I don’t use some of his wisdom! His way of […]

Natural Capital Committee

Natural Capital Committee – set up to advise the UK government on the sustainable use of natural resources. Set up in 2012, following the release of the Government White Paper on “The Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature. ” There are also updates to this.

Global Ocean Commission

Global Ocean Commission – the commission is a body set up by a the Pew Trust, Somerville College and other leading research organisations. It’s chief aim is to research issues affecting oceans and publish results. It’s work appears closely aligned to the timetable of the UN in producing reports about the high seas. Issues include climate change and overfishing.

Are there viable synergies between ecology and economics?

My mind was drawn to an old issue made new again in a recent flyer for a conference. The BES is hosting a conference exploring the interactions between ecology and economics. They tagline is that there is far too little by way of interaction and that there are numerous ideas that each could teach/learn from, the other. On the surface, this is a great idea and any exploration between the two is going to yield insights. There might well be […]

Urban Ecology: Science of Cities

Rating: Richard TT Forman. 2014. Urban Ecology: Science of Cities. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 18824 1 Urban ecology has a reasonably long history, if almost 100 years can be considered long, tracing its roots back into the sociology of the 1920s. Here it was seen as a way of describing the distribution of people and probably owed little to our popular conception of ecology. Urban ecology has developed from those times and now looks at the way […]