Urban Ecology: Science of Cities

Rating: Richard TT Forman. 2014. Urban Ecology: Science of Cities. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 18824 1 Urban ecology has a reasonably long history, if almost 100 years can be considered long, tracing its roots back into the sociology of the 1920s. Here it was seen as a way of describing the distribution of people and probably owed little to our popular conception of ecology. Urban ecology has developed from those times and now looks at the way […]

Community Ecology

Rating: Peter J Morin. 2011. Community Ecology 2e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 2411 9. Whereas much ecology teaching is focussed on single populations, community ecology (interactions of two or more species) is gaining ground especially as we need to look at more complex interactions. Although it sounds a legitimate area of study, community ecology is not universally accepted and although this is the second edition (the first being published in 1999) it should still be regarded as a relative […]