Global Carbon Project

Global Carbon Project – is an international project to provide accurate data about the carbon cycle. From its website: ” The scientific goal of the Global Carbon Project is to develop a complete picture of the global carbon cycle, including both its biophysical and human dimensions together with the interactions and feedbacks between them. This will be: Patterns and Variability: What are the current geographical and temporal distributions of the major pools and fluxes in the global carbon cycle? Processes […]

Environment Online

Environment Online – from their website: “Environment Online – ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Environmental themes are studied throughout the school year and campaigns arranged simultaneously around the world”

Global Forest Map

Global Forest Map – just a single webpage but an excellent map showing, in some detail according to the scale chosen, forest loss and gain since 2000. This was part of a project published in Science.

Reshaping Learning

Rating: Ronghuai Huang Kinshuk and J Michael Spector. (eds). 2013 Reshaping Learning: Frontiers of Learning Technology in a Global Context. Springer. ISBN 978 3 642 32300 3. Perhaps it is appropriate that this review should attempt something new on a book dedicated to exploring the new! In one tab I have my review post, on another I have an e-copy of the text currently with limited functions (possibly, mostly my own!). It will be an experience to see what happens […]