Necessary and sufficient?

“If educators are to lead teaching and learning then this is the must-read book” . With an endorsement like that, especially from such a source as John Hattie, how can the ordinary teacher go past such a call? Aren’t we in an educational crisis where we need all the help we can get? We need better teachers with more development and more emphasis on teaching students and improving their results. Teachers are told this from a range of sources including […]

Reshaping Learning

Rating: Ronghuai Huang Kinshuk and J Michael Spector. (eds). 2013 Reshaping Learning: Frontiers of Learning Technology in a Global Context. Springer. ISBN 978 3 642 32300 3. Perhaps it is appropriate that this review should attempt something new on a book dedicated to exploring the new! In one tab I have my review post, on another I have an e-copy of the text currently with limited functions (possibly, mostly my own!). It will be an experience to see what happens […]

Experiments in Ecology

Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology is a site, run by the ecological Society of America, dedicated to helping staff improve their range of teaching methods and resources in ecological education. Although obviously focussed on the US and aimed at junior undergraduates, this site contains a wealth of ideas and data. Even if the areas don’t suit, it will be possible to adapt ideas for local conditions.