I’m Paul Ganderton and I live and work in Sydney, Australia. Currently I teach high school Geography and Environmental Science. Prior to that I worked in the UK where¬† I taught mainly Environmental Science and Wildlife Conservation in a sixth-form college in Hampshire.

Many of the ideas I’m sharing here have their origins way back in my career. Early on I joined the British Ecological Society and gradually became more involved with their education work eventually helping with their first newsletter and becoming a book review editor for that publication (a position I still hold). As head of a Wildlife Conservation unit I was responsible for training students in the art and science of practical wildlife conservation working mainly in a Medieval-relict woodland! I still rate this as one of my most innovative courses winning several awards and being one of the very few (only?) state courses to be sponsored by companies and organisations! Although I no longer run wildlife courses I still follow the ideas of conservation ecology. Long spells as an examiner led me to more conferences where I could talk about education and environmental science.

Fast forward to the mid 1990s where these ideas, along with the newsletter, meant I was reviewing books at quite a rate. The move to Australia forced them onto my first website from where they grew. I’m pleased to be able to bring readers a wide range of ecological and environmental texts from leading publishers.

To this I must add my abiding interest in computers and technology. Starting with the old BBC Acorn computer I have run courses and workshops for staff and students for over 30 years! Currently, I’m heavily involved in e-learning and especially the open source system Moodle. All my courses are blended online courses using this system as the base.

Recently, I went back to my original work in geography. As a result of that I’ve been re-elected to the royal Geographical Society and , for my work in geographical education, awarded Chartered Geographer status – one of only 3 in Australia.

Which brings me up to date. I wanted a web presence that allowed me to interact with more people, to showcase the great work out there and to pose the questions that have been causing me to wonder. I chose the title of this blog because, to me, these are some of the most important areas: ecology and environment, obviously, education because we need to generate both interest and solutions and finally, technology because this can both create and solve the situations we are faced with.

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