Geographic Thought

Rating: Tim Cresswell. 2013. Geographic Thought – A Critical Introduction. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 6939 4. I think it’s fair to argue two points in particular in relation to texts on the philosophy of geography: firstly, that such insights are essential in developing a critical perspective on the subject; and, secondly, that such thought usually intensifies rather than reduces the divisions in the subject. In terms of the former, such study should be seen as an integral part of […]

Dictionary of Environment and Conservation

Rating: Chris Park and Michael Allaby. 2013. Oxford Dictionary of Environment and Conservation.2e. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 964166 6. This isn’t the first dictionary I’ve ever reviewed and I think it’s important that I continue because they need to be publicised, but there are certain inherent problems. Firstly, it’s a dictionary – what are you expecting? Normally, I can go through chapters, making points linking ideas and generally trying my best to highlight what I see as […]

TB or not TB?

OK, so it’s not the most original title but when I saw this I thought I was back nearer the start of my career, not nearer the end! I thought we’d sorted this battle years ago with the original report. It was so long ago I even had to search for the name. Not Krebs which is the one quoted on the DEFRA site (and also unavailable except in their library!) and which is only 1996 but Zuckerman (quoted as […]

Artic Sea Ice

Arctic Sea Ice News is just one page from the US snow data site. Given the arguments surrounding the extent of ice in 2013, it’s useful to have a place where you can get some reliable data.

First Migrants

Rating: Bellwood, Peter. 2013. First Migrants. Wily Blackwell. ISBN 978 4051 8908 8. One of the first topics I ever covered was human development. Fascinating. OK, maybe not when I was seen demonstrating brachiation by the Principal, but a good set of lessons nonetheless! It aroused my interest in the point that I’d previously buried in my thinking – human migration at the scale I was considering was an evolutionary process as well. The go-to text of the day was […]