Vote Bird!

It’s surprising what you can find on the ‘net! I’d never really given this much thought before but, it’s true – we don’t have a national bird. You’ve got emus, bald eagles and even something quite exotic, like the Himalayan Monal. But before we all jump up and start looking for the nearest feathered creature to give the title to, perhaps we ought to stop and think. First of all, we don’t need to worry, a website has got it […]

Coastal Environments and Global Change

Rating: Gerd Masselink and Roland Gehrels. eds. 2104. Coastal Environments and Global Change. Wiley. ISBN 987 0 470 65659 4. “I must go down to the sea again…” Coastal areas – sources of enjoyment, wonder, human activity and, of course, highly dynamic geophysical and biological systems. Coasts have always been a major attraction to people but now, the pressure is so great in some areas that the ecosystem health of the area is under threat. This might be less obvious […]

Exploring Spatial Scale in Geography

Rating: Christopher D Lloyd. 2014. Exploring Spatial Scale in Geography. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN978 1 119 97135 1 The opening sentence says it all: “spatial scale is central to geography and to all disciplines concerned with the spatial arrangements of properties”. I think it fair to say that you can substitute a number of other words: ecology and conservation seem to fit but I’m sure there are others. The preface continues by arguing that the extent of a phenomenon might show […]

Earth Environments

Rating: David Huddart and Tim Stott. 2010. Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 471 48532 2. Right at the very beginning of this book, there’s a crucial point: “…never has there been a greater need for an understanding of modern Earth processes…”. That was written at a time of storms and flooding and one might argue that an understanding of historical processes is as important as modern ones but the point is well made. If we […]