Earth Environments

Rating: David Huddart and Tim Stott. 2010. Earth Environments: Past, Present and Future. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 0 471 48532 2. Right at the very beginning of this book, there’s a crucial point: “…never has there been a greater need for an understanding of modern Earth processes…”. That was written at a time of storms and flooding and one might argue that an understanding of historical processes is as important as modern ones but the point is well made. If we […]

Coastal Wetlands of the World

Rating: David B Scott, Jennifer Frail-Gauthier and Petra J Mudies. 2014. Coastal Wetlands of the World: Geology, Ecology, Distribution and Applications. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 1 107 62825 0 Coastal wetlands (read – salt marshes and mangroves) have been neglected, or worse, for decades. They are seen as something stopping a clear view of the sea or making it difficult to dredge a harbour or any number of other excuses rather than see them for the value they possess. […]

Conservation Biogeography

Rating: Richard Ladle and Robert Whittaker.eds.2011. Conservation Biogeography. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4443 3504 0. In the last 40 years, conservation from gone from the idea of trying to protect species almost just by making sure they are there to a specific area of science (conservation biology) and now, conservation biogeography is adding a spatial dimension to the ecological one. This is one of the first texts to actually locate this new discipline within the corpus of conservation knowledge and […]