Where to from here?

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been considering careers policies in my institution or perhaps it’s because I’ve been trawling through a recent issue of the BES bulletin but it strikes me that there’s a considerable amount of material out there but also a few gaps. On the plus side, the amount of information for graduates is considerable. We can start with the BES’s own career guides, move on to the excellent guide from a raft of biological societies called “Next Steps” […]

Discovering Geology

Discovering Geology – one of the great offerings from the British Geological Survey. Their Make-a-Map is superb for class use. Check out the British Geology Viewer. A bit clunky as it goes from small scale to large scale without intermediates but another excellent resource.

Plus ├ža change…

Once more unto the breach?   I was drawn into considering the nature of curriculum reform when reading a recent BES blogpost looking at GCSE reform. The basic idea was that another round of reforms was on the way and consultation was afoot! What are you looking for in a science curriculum? In a way, it sounds almost biblical as Matriculation begat O levels and O levels begat GCSE and GSCE might (or again, might not) begat English Baccalaureate. Is […]