Biodiversity in Agriculture

¬†Rating: Gepts P, Famula TR, Bettinger RL, Brush SB, Damania AB, McGuire PE and Qualset CO. (eds). 2012. Biodiversity in Agriculture. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 17087 1.   Many years ago when interest in environmental science started one of our key texts was Ucko and Dimbleby’s “Domestication and Exploitation of Plants and Animals”. This was a set of conference proceedings whose basic tenet was to examine how we came to have our modern set of plants and […]

The Carbon Brief

The Carbon Brief is a small UK-based organisation comprised of a number of environmental  writers whose intentions are to fact-check climate information and provide accurate material to press and other groups.

Climate Central

Climate Central is a US non-profit that started in 2005. It’s aim is to bring climate related news to the attention of the public.

EoE – Environmental Science course

EoE – the Encyclopedia of Earth has a vast range of resources growing by the month. This feature highlights an online course in Environmental Science. From the site: Upon completion of this course you will: Know and understand the levels of the ecological hierarchy. Appreciate the integration of natural processes that govern the natural world. Appreciate the importance of maintaining a sustaining biosphere for the continued presence of a human population on the earth. Understand the pragmatic and realistic difficulties […]

VOGRIPA – Volcano database

VOGRIPA stands for Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project. It started in 2005 as an international project to gather data about large eruptions. The current site is a database for such eruptions along with links to great volcano sites.


Long Term Ecological Research Network comprises a set of key ecological sites in the US where research has been going on for decades. This makes it one of the most important pieces of longer-term research. Started in 1980 this work has become increasingly important as funding turns to smaller-scale projects. This site gives a wide range of information on the projects and the data gathered. Some of these places e.g. Hubbard Brook, have been contributing to core ecological ideas for […]