Global Carbon Project

Global Carbon Project is an international project aimed at getting quality data, open source, out to researchers and interested people. From their website:” The Global Carbon Project was formed to assist the international science community to establish a common, mutually agreed knowledge base supporting policy debate and action to slow the rate of increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The growing realization that anthropogenic climate change is a reality has focused the attention of the scientific community, policymakers and […]

Our World in Data

Our World in Data – far from it being difficult to find data, we are often overwhelmed by the sheer mass of material available. This site seeks to make understanding slightly simpler by creating a series of visualizations.

Global Ocean Commission

Global Ocean Commission – the commission is a body set up by a the Pew Trust, Somerville College and other leading research organisations. It’s chief aim is to research issues affecting oceans and publish results. It’s work appears closely aligned to the timetable of the UN in producing reports about the high seas. Issues include climate change and overfishing.

An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography

Rating: William G Moseley, Eric Perramond, Holly M Hapke and Paul Laris. 2014. An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN  978 1 4051 8931 6. Part of the problem with both environmental science and geography is that the problems they investigate can seem increasingly complex. This might encourage some to study to greater depth. At the other end of the spectrum, issues, especially in mainstream media, are often presented as simple, almost shallow in their treatment. The aim is […]

Ocean Health Index

Ocean Health Index. This is a new site focussing on ways of reporting about ocean pollution. The aim is to create a simple yet effective way of highlighting key issues in ocean pollution and this highly visual site is the start of the process.

Global Environment Facility

Global Environment Facility – a group of 182 nations plus institutions etc. combining to tackle global issues on pollution, biodiversity etc. In May 2012 it released this useful guide to biodiversity conservation

Ecology of Industrial Pollution

Rating: Lesley C Batty and Kevin B Hallberg.(eds). 2010. Ecology of Industrial Pollution. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 73038 9. Some of my first forays into ecology were via the works of the late Tony Bradshaw, one of the pioneers of industrial ecology so it’s with a sense of both interest and nostalgia that I review this latest offering , one of the BESs ecological reviews. A good starting point is to consider what the “industrial” part of […]

Understanding Environmental Pollution 3e

Rating: Marquita K Hill. 2010. Understanding Environmental Pollution. 3e. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 0 521 73669 5. The need for a text looking at pollution (other than global climate change) is pressing and yet there are few texts taking this more comprehensive route. It is clear such a text is still needed and indeed, judging by the size difference between the first edition (reviewed here many years ago) and the current one, there is even more to say! Of […]