Applied Ecology

Rating: Anne E Goodenough and Adam G Hart. 2017. Applied Ecology. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 872328 8 One of the big issues in education, especially in these days, is to find a pedagogical “hook” with which to draw in learner interest. This is a useful (some would argue, necessary) but not sufficient condition. You also need subject matter focussed in such a way as to draw the reader in. Ecology is an obvious topic because the concept […]

Natural Capital Committee

Natural Capital Committee – set up to advise the UK government on the sustainable use of natural resources. Set up in 2012, following the release of the Government White Paper on “The Natural Choice: Securing the Value of Nature. ” There are also updates to this.

Ocean Health Index

Ocean Health Index – This is a project run by a large group of very well-known US scientists attempting to put a simple data set together to show how the oceans are faring.


Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services a brand new international committee trying to do for biodiversity what the IPCC does for climate

Wetland Ecology

Rating: Paul A Keddy. 2010. Wetland Ecology: Principles and Conservation. 2e. Cambridge University Press. ISBN978 0 521 73967 2. Wetlands are rightly recognised as crucial, but often endangered, ecosystems. It follows that anything promoting them is welcomed. There’s also something about a second or subsequent addition that piques the interest. Clearly it was worth the publishing effort (suggesting a good book, in demand) but it also allows the author to update and gives the reader an insight into what has […]

Ecological and Economic Foundations

Rating: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, ed Pushpam Kumar. 2010 Ecological and Economic foundations. UNEP/Earthscan. ISBN 978 1 84971 212 5 This is one text where context is crucial. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) was set up by the UNEP in 2007. It was started became of the concern that current economics was either not valuing nor not valuing sufficiently, our ecosystem services and, by extension, the biodiversity that keeps it functioning. This perspective would be similar […]

World Atlas of Mangroves

Rating: Mark Spalding, Mami Kainuma and Lorna Collins. 2010. World Atlas of Mangroves. Earthscan. ISBN. 978 1 84407 657 4. Mangroves, originally considered something of a nuisance in terms of easy coastal access have undergone considerable evaluation in the last 40 years. The culmination must be, currently, the value of mangroves in post-tsumani Aceh; where mangroves flourished, the damage was far lighter. However, there is far more to this ecosystem than just a loss-reducer; their importance in the marine system […]