Ecology of Urban Environments

Rating: Kirsten M Parris. 2015. Ecology of Urban Environments. Wiley. ISBN978 1 4443 3265 0 There was a time not long ago when an urban environment was something that destroyed natural systems. This might very well have been the truth then, as well as today, but the focus has changed with an increasing number of books devoted to the relatively new science of urban ecology. The focus is generally on how natural systems adapt to urban settings. There’s also the […]

Sustainable Futures

Rating: Jennie Goldie and Katharine Betts (eds). 2014. Sustainable Futures: Linking population, resources and the environment. CSIRO. ISBN 978 1 486 30189 8 When I first saw the sub-title I was transported back to my beginnings. Surely population, resources, environment was the name of the text and wasn’t it by the Ehrlich’s ? Yes on both counts and the issues they identified there are still with us but in slightly different ways. The authors are also still active, providing not […]

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom – now that there are an increasing number of revised curricula that require students to learn outside the classroom, this organisation has sprung up to help.   From their website: ” Incorporated in December 2008, the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom formally assumed responsibility and leadership for learning outside the classroom from the [then] Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) on the 1st April 2009. The premise of LOtC has been supported […]

ONS – Environment

ONS – Environment – The Office of National Statistics has a vast range of data available if you can find it, online. One useful resource is their Compendium – 4 sections of basic UK data. This link is the environment one.


IES, The EU “Institute for Environment and Sustainability” is one of the major parts of the EU system.¬† It’s part of a wider system called the Joint Research Centre whose objective is to provide quality research to the EU. There are extensive, if specialised, resources available.

An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography

Rating: William G Moseley, Eric Perramond, Holly M Hapke and Paul Laris. 2014. An Introduction to Human-Environment Geography. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN¬† 978 1 4051 8931 6. Part of the problem with both environmental science and geography is that the problems they investigate can seem increasingly complex. This might encourage some to study to greater depth. At the other end of the spectrum, issues, especially in mainstream media, are often presented as simple, almost shallow in their treatment. The aim is […]

Environment Online

Environment Online – from their website: “Environment Online – ENO is a global virtual school and network for sustainable development. Environmental themes are studied throughout the school year and campaigns arranged simultaneously around the world”

Making Sense of Nature

Rating: Noel Castree. 2014. Making Sense of Nature. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 54550 1 Many years ago I started a wildlife conservation course by asking students to construct a media campaign for a certain animal. My list was designed to be controversial because I didn’t care about the product, I cared about the process and thinking that went behind it. So, we had the panda (already been done, think of something new), rabbit (pest, hard to see beyond cartoons) […]

Human Impact on the Natural Environment

Rating: Andrew Goudie. 2013. The Human Impact on the Natural Environment: Past, present and future.7e. Wiley-Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 1185 7658 8 It has frequently been noted that to stay in print and updated for over 3 decades is somewhat of a feat; to remain a key text, considerably more so. And yet, Goudie has produced other, related, texts for the same publisher (Nature of the Environment, Changing Earth) and yet they haven’t caught the imagination in the same way. […]

Dictionary of Environment and Conservation

Rating: Chris Park and Michael Allaby. 2013. Oxford Dictionary of Environment and Conservation.2e. Oxford University Press. ISBN 978 0 19 964166 6. This isn’t the first dictionary I’ve ever reviewed and I think it’s important that I continue because they need to be publicised, but there are certain inherent problems. Firstly, it’s a dictionary – what are you expecting? Normally, I can go through chapters, making points linking ideas and generally trying my best to highlight what I see as […]