Reshaping Learning

Rating: Ronghuai Huang Kinshuk and J Michael Spector. (eds). 2013 Reshaping Learning: Frontiers of Learning Technology in a Global Context. Springer. ISBN 978 3 642 32300 3. Perhaps it is appropriate that this review should attempt something new on a book dedicated to exploring the new! In one tab I have my review post, on another I have an e-copy of the text currently with limited functions (possibly, mostly my own!). It will be an experience to see what happens […]

EoE – Environmental Science course

EoE – the Encyclopedia of Earth has a vast range of resources growing by the month. This feature highlights an online course in Environmental Science. From the site: Upon completion of this course you will: Know and understand the levels of the ecological hierarchy. Appreciate the integration of natural processes that govern the natural world. Appreciate the importance of maintaining a sustaining biosphere for the continued presence of a human population on the earth. Understand the pragmatic and realistic difficulties […]