Essentials of Ecology. 4e.

Rating: Michael Begon, Robert W Howarth and Colin R Townsend. 2014. Essential of Ecology. 4e. Wiley. ISBN978 0 470 90913 3. 30 years ago, a text was produced which has become to be seen as the standard in ecological education. I doubt that its authors would have been aware of what they started although some of the key ones remain and new collaborators join in. As part of the pantheon of ecological texts stretching back into the early C20th, this […]

Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology

Rating: Gören I Ågren and Folke O Andersson. 2012. Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology. Cambridge University Press. ISBN 978 1 107 64825 8. Perhaps the first thought on seeing this text is why ‘terrestrial’ and not just ecology. That lasts all of a few seconds when dipping into the preface and seeing that the focus is on whole systems i.e. ecosystems and that this is the easiest way to demonstrate the principles. The authors continue their rationale by noting that it is […]