Urban Geography – A critical introduction

[rating 5.0] Andrew EG Jones, Eugene McCann and Mary Thomas. 2015. Urban Geography: A critical introduction. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978 1 4051 8979 8. It might fairly be argued as to the place of an urban geography book in a site looking largely, but not exclusively, at books focussed on ecological and environmental science. Maybe there was a time when there was a real divide between ecology and urban geography but, given that most of us are now urban dwellers, […]

Good Cities, Better Lives

Rating: Peter Hall. 2013. Good Cities, Better Lives. Routledge. ISBN 978 0 415 84022 4 Sir Peter Hall has been writing about urban areas for over 50 years and is rightly regarded as one of the finest academics in this area. Any new book by him is going to create a wave of interest as have many of the earlier works. They seem (like London 2000 and The Containment of Urban England) to be milestones in the discussion about urban […]