Global Issues: an introduction. 5e.

Rating: Kristen A Hite and John L Seitz. 2016. Global Issues: an introduction. Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 9781 11896885 7. In an increasingly busy marketplace, it says something that a book makes it into its fifth edition in a 20-year timespan. Clearly, the popularity of the issues has not declined, judging by my reference point, the third edition I reviewed a few years ago! By this edition, climate change has made an entry and the environment section is divided into two […]

And you say it’s what?

Over the years, one of the most crucial but difficult skills has been species identification. OK, difficult for me but I’m guessing , possibly, others! It might be because I came to ecology via earth sciences (rocks and fossils no issue, living material, more difficult!).¬† Looking through the BES bulletins, I found a common thread. How do we accurately identify species in the field and, probably as an adjunct, but I’d argue needs a higher profile, how do we support¬† […]